Better Processes Help Process Servers Minimize Risk and Maximize Coverage

Process serving is a crucial part of the American justice system. Without the process server’s role of notifying involved parties of pending legal actions, there would be no Due Process of Law. While it is important to be sure papers are served in a timely and efficient manner, the process is not without its risks and hazards. 

Some parties, of course, do not want to be served at all, and this leads to legal questions of what a process server can and cannot do. Sometimes the server is faced with the question of whether to enter private property, and some process servers have been hurt on the job in physical altercations. In some cases, the process server or the agency itself become the target of a lawsuit due to questionable procedures. The business should have a comprehensive insurance policy in place to cover all these contingencies, but also needs to minimize risk on all fronts in order to maximize insurance coverage. 

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